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Prior to the open sale round we are also accepting angel seed contributions at a 25% discount.

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Join The Next Internet

Unigrid is the next natural step in the evolution of the Internet. A load balanced network that is completely anonymous and resistant to eavesdropping. The segmented design enables cloud services and applications that guarantee 100% uptime with full data redundancy.

The Next Internet Revolution

When you save something on the future Unigrid network it will be permanent. The network stores your data and spreads it out in encrypted shards, saving pieces in countless locations. Only you, as the owner of the data, can remove it from the network.

Anybody can contribute resources to the network by hosting a gridnode (a service node), supplying bandwidth, compute cycles and storage space These nodes are rewarded by the Unigrid network for their work.

Quick Presentation

For a quick introduction, watch our quick 2-minute presentation video explaining the core concepts of Unigrid. We discuss our reasoning for creating the network and cover the general architecture of the implementation.

Utility Token

To support the network and enable rapid payments and a network economy, a native utility token is provided. Via the token, anybody can support development and buy into the network and the project.

Token Distribution Timeline

JUN-DEC 10 2021
Angel/VC Seed Round
$0.75 per token
DEC 10-31 2021
First Sale Round
20 million tokens
$1.00-$1.25 per token
Q4 2022
Second Sale Round
35 million tokens
$1.50-$4.00 per token
Q2-Q4 2023
Public Sale Round
40 million tokens
$4.00-$6.00 per token

Interested in a seed contribution?

Please contact us directly on for inquiries.

The window for seed purchases closes on December 10th, when the first open sale round begins.

On substantial contributions, backers may be offered a board seat on the foundation.

Minimum contribution for the seed and sale round is $10,000 USD.

Why Unigrid?

Monopolizing cloud providers overcharge customers and provide a lacking and centralized service. Because of this, websites and services on the Internet are constantly being disrupted, with downtimes being a regular occurrence.

Improving Cloud Computing Services

Unigrid will provide the world with a global and democratic network with redundant storage and services. A network run by the people, for the people.

Together, we can put an end to unscheduled downtimes and make them a thing of the past!

Founders & Team

Together, the two original founders of the The Unigrid Foundation have over half a century of experience within computer science and software engineering. Coupled with over a decade of experience developing enterprise software and many years operating a data center, we have the skillset and history required for the task ahead.

With our partner, Ejwa Hosting AB, The Unigrid Foundation operates a data center in central Gothenburg. This allows the foundation to support the community, network and project with infrastructure and gridnodes. With a connection to a 10TB/s backbone, our data center can support any future traffic requirements.

With a diverse team with decades of experience, The Unigrid Foundation is ready to deliver a new era in cloud computing and the Internet.

Further information about the team can be found in the pitch deck and on our contact page on the main site.

Current Round Progress

Tokens sold or reserved to angel/VC seed backers
Tokens reserved for commissions
Tokens still for sale in first sale round

The angel/VC seed round and the first open sale round both take their tokens from the same pot. Consequently, if additional seed backers commit prior to December 10th, those tokens will taken from the pot currently available, decreasing the amount of tokens in the open sale. After December 10th, new seed backers will no longer be accepted. Remaining backers will be handled via the sale portal only.

Questions About The Round

Any tokens not sold by the end of this round will be placed under the care of the foundation. These tokens will be used in the future to further support the network and distribute gridnodes.


Additional tokens will be minted in order to reach a total supply of 150 million tokens. After the three sales round very few additional tokens will be minted via Proof-of-Stake consensus.

Allocation Vesting Schedule

Out of the tokens minted for the sale, there is no token distribution to any team members or founders. Instead, a portion of the tokens are placed under the careful care of The Unigrid Foundation in adherence with the charter.

Project Timeline

Raised funds will be used to support development in the order specified below Please refer to the orange paper for further details.

DEC 2021
JavaFX-based wallet
Q1 2022
Free VPN service
Q2-Q3 2022
Network storage
Q3 2022
NFT storage
Q1-Q2 2023
CPU compute support
Q2-Q4 2023
GPU compute support
Official exchange listing


Unigrid White Paper (1.13)

Technical specification written for that inner nerd. Covers intricate implementation details of the protocol.

Unigrid Orange Paper (1.4)

General project description & overview. Describes the reason for creating Unigrid and it's impact on society and the Internet.

The Unigrid Foundation Statutes

General legal document for the foundation. Describes operational rules and how the board is elected.

The Unigrid Foundation Charter

Outlines the governing conditions of the foundation. This includes it's goals and the obligations of the board.

Pitch Deck

F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions)

 From which countries can backers participate in the sale rounds?

 Unigrid is being created for the world. We do not discriminate participation. However, we have to adhere to Swedish and E.U sanctions, regulations and AML guidelines. This means that we cannot accept purchases from businesses or entities within certain sanctioned sectors in certain countries. Please see the E.U sanctions map for more information.

 Do you do a KYC (Know Your Customer) check?

 Yes we do. This is a requirement on us and is an important step in the prevention of money laundering when accepting contributions. To handle this process, we have partnered with getId, part of Checkin Group. A Stockholm-based company. When handling any personal information, we strictly follow AML guidelines and GDPR.